ActBlue Graphics

Below you'll find a bunch of ActBlue badges in popular sizes that you can download and add to your website. Just right-click on the badge you want and save it.

If you're a designer and want to incorporate high-resolution versions of the ActBlue logo and design elements into your designs, get in touch.

Actblue Badge 150px Actblue Badge 80px Actblue Poweredby
Actblue Badge Plain 150px Actblue Badge Plain 80px
Actblue Badge Lock 150px Actblue Badge Lock 80px
Contribute Button 150px B Contribute Button B
Contribute Button 150px Contribute Button
Fundraise Button 150px B Fundraise Button B
Fundraise Button 150px Fundraise Button
Actblue Lock Large Actblue Lock Medium Actblue Lock Small