Contribution Form Duplication

If you have a fundraising form that you want to copy, there are now two places you can do that. Click on the Edit tab of a contribution form and you should see an option to duplicate the form beneath the header at the top of the page.

You can also duplicate a form by visiting the Fundraise tab in the green bar at the top of ActBlue’s homepage. Hover over the Fundraise option and you should see a “Manage Forms” option drop down.

From that page you can see all of the contribution forms associated with your username.

Click the orange duplicate button on the right hand side. You’ll then be prompted to name your new form.

Everything else about the contribution form will be copied over exactly as it is on the original contribution form. This feature is particularly useful if your campaign or organization does a lot of emailing and creates a new form for each email.

If you’re not creating a new form every time, you should. It’s a best practice. All of your favorite settings will be set up, so you can just replace the form content to match the new email blast.

If you are running tests within one page, the upgraded testing tool is still the way to go. But this should be a significant time-saver for your digital or finance team.