Preset Contribution Amounts & ActBlue Express Room

We recommend you choose custom contribution options (meaning those radio buttons donors can select) for your form. Donors always have the option to enter their own amount, but this allows you to give supporters a frame of reference for how much they should give.

To enter your contribution options, click on the Edit tab of your contribution form and scroll down to the “Options” section where you’ll see a place to enter your list of preset contribution amounts — enter these as a list of amounts separated by commas with no spaces.

While it is possible to push donors to give slightly higher donations based on contribution amounts, it's still important to make sure the amounts you suggest are in line with the type of supporters you have on your list. If your lowest radio button is $50, a potential $5 donor might feel like their donation doesn't matter.

You also have the option of pre-setting the donation amount that you’re asking for and a suggested number of months (if you’re asking for recurring contributions) for a donation link. Go to the Promote tab of your contribution form and enter the desired amounts.

If you're not asking for recurring contributions, leave the month field blank. Donors can manually change the donation amount on the contribution form, but it's best to ensure they have to do as little work as possible in order to contribute.

Copy the link that's generated, and drop it into your fundraising email or add it to your website. If you're not sure how to embed a link, check out our HTML Guide. Anyone who clicks the link will see pre-selected buttons on the contribution form.

If your committee is using ActBlue Express Lane, when a donor with an ActBlue Express account goes to your contribution form,, they'll see a different version of the form that cuts down on the steps they have to take to contribute. Since their information is saved, all they have to do is click the radio button for the amount they'd like to give, and their contribution will process automatically!