QR Codes & On-the-go Contributions

QR Codes

If your volunteers are out pounding the pavement or you’re hosting a community rally, you’ll want to provide an easy way for new supporters to make a contribution. QR codes are one way to make that happen.

Don’t know what QR codes are? They’re unique barcodes that smartphone users can scan using an app. The QR code will take users directly to a web page - in this case, your Contribution Form.

Once you’ve finished creating your Contribution Form, go to your Promote tab and scroll down to the QR code section. Click the image to download your personalized QR code. You can add this image to any of your printed materials, so donors can give on the go.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.07.11 AM.png

Other solutions to donations on-the-go

Not everyone has a smartphone or QR code reader app ready to go on their phone, so another great option is to open your Contribution Form on phones and laptops so donors can just plug in their information and give right there. Just make sure you have the form open on an incognito or private browser (that way you won’t accidentally save anyone’s private information).

Opening an incognito or private browser varies depending on what browser you’re using. In Google Chrome, click File > New Incognito Window. If you’re using Safari, click Safari > Private Browsing. In Firefox, click File > New Private Window. For Internet Explorer users, click Safety > InPrivate Browsing. If you’re using a different browser, the steps should be similar.

Have other questions about facilitating online contributions when you’re making offline connections? We’re here to help!