Your refund center lists all refunds made from your ActBlue account in response to donor errors and credit card chargebacks.

There are two types of refunds: 

  • A refund made before the funds are sent out to a committee (pre-disbursement) 
  • A refund for a contribution that has already been sent to a committee (post-disbursement)

Pre-disbursement refunds may not need to be reported by the committee in many jurisdictions. A pre-disbursement refund is money that was refunded before it was passed to the committee. Since the money was never distributed to the committee, you may not need to report these contributions in most jurisdictions. They're listed here for your administrative ease and are identified with "N/A" in the "Disbursed" column.

Post-disbursement refunds may need to be reported by your committee. For these refunds, click on the "Disbursed" date to see the original check that contained the now-refunded money. In order to recover the money from your committee, we deduct it from your pending check. Once that check is cut, clicking on the date in the "Recovered" column will show you the check that contained the refund.

Your refund center is located in the Refunds tab of your Dashboard.

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