Social Share

Encouraging your donors to share via Facebook or Twitter that they’ve made a contribution to your campaign or organization is a great way to spread the word about your work.

When you include social sharing customizations on your contribution forms, you give your donors the opportunity to let their followers know about the causes and candidates they’re supporting. It’s a win-win: your donors get to let their friends know about the causes or campaigns that matter most to them, and you bring in more dollars.

Here’s an example of what custom social sharing can look like:

As you can see, you can include a custom title and a brief description, as well as an image.

You’ll be able to edit your social share options within the Edit tab of any contribution form, as shown below:

Your message can be short and sweet, with an image specific to your cause or campaign that donors can share on Facebook. But for Twitter, you’ll just want to include some custom text. Keep in mind that shared tweets will be limited to just 115 characters, since you’ll be sharing a link with your custom text, and the link will take up any additional available characters. For that reason, you’ll want to be sure to keep custom Twitter shares concise.

You can also set up your Facebook social sharing options for donors to direct their friends and followers to a URL of your campaign or organization’s choice.

Please note that if you’re choosing to direct Facebook shares to your website or a volunteer page, for example, the custom text and image options will no longer apply.

Custom text and images can be powerful tools to help increase your conversions, so we encourage you to spend the extra couple minutes filling this in when you’re creating a new form.