Creating a Branded Form

Branded forms are one of our most popular features and you can create them in minutes. Brandings allow you to modify your contribution form to look like your website or use your campaign or organization’s colors and logos.

Log in and go to your Dashboard and select the Brandings tab from the left navigation menu. If this will be your first branding you’ll see a message that reads: “No brandings currently.” You should click “Create One” directly next to that. You’ll then see a page that looks like this:

Create a name for the branding — it’s internal to your campaign or organization, so choose something that makes sense for you and other members of your team. Choose whether you want to make this the default branding for all your forms. You can have multiple brandings and use them on a form by form basis, or stick with one for all of your forms.

You can also choose to create a public branding.

If you're having supporters fundraise on your behalf, they can create their own personal contribution form to keep track of their progress. By choosing a public branding, you’ll make it possible for supporters who want to fundraise on your behalf to create a contribution form that matches the design of your own forms.

Just click the blue link for instructions and you’ll be provided with a link that you can share with your supporters. All they need to do is drop the link into their browser and they’ll be prompted to fill in the standard fields to create a form and make a pitch to their friends.

The link is only available to your campaign or organization and the supporters you personally share it with.

Click on the “Lite Branding Settings” drop-down option to expand it. Here you’ll upload a header image (usually your campaign or organization’s logo or a similar image).

Next you can set the color of your form and custom CSS if you choose. You can also link your header image to your organization’s website, but we don’t recommend it.

The “Background color” field asks for a hex color code (that’s a six-digit code, like #3399FF, used to specify a color). Since you may not know the exact hex color code for your organization, there’s a color picker that pops up when you click on the “Background Color” field. Choose your color and it will fill in the appropriate color code for you.

Note: If you want to be exact and not eyeball the color, we provide instructions for finding your exact hex code here.

You can also upload a background image for your form, instead of a solid color background. Check the ‘Use background image’ box and you’ll see a place for you to choose an image to upload.


Uploading a background image will cause the form to become single column. It will be helpful to shorten your ask blurb on a form like this, so the form itself doesn’t get pushed down the page. It’s extremely important to use a well compressed image for this, so we recommend shooting for less than 150KB — anything above 200KB is going to severely impact your page’s loading times. If your page takes too long to load, donors will get impatient and exit before contributing.

The branding or the contribution form title must also include the name of the committee. Here’s an example:


If you want some assistance setting up a similar form, feel free to contact us!

If you have someone on your web team who is comfortable editing CSS, you can make additional changes to your form.

Once you’re done, hit save. You can swap brandings on a form on the fly in the Edit tab. Just select any one of the brandings you’ve added.

Creating a Branded Receipt

Just like you can customize your contribution forms with brandings, you can also brand your receipts to look and feel just like your campaign or organization.

Here’s an example of what your donors would receive with a branded receipt.

To set up a receipt branding, go to the Brandings tab of your Dashboard. Your receipt branding will be part of a contribution form branding. Either create a new branding or click to edit an existing one.

Scroll to the bottom of your branding and toggle open the “Receipt Email Styles” section of your branding. Here you can add a background hex color code (something like #CCCEEE).

Don’t worry if you don’t know your campaign or organization’s exact hex color code. Just scroll up to the “Background color” field and click the text box. A color picker will pop up and you can use it to eyeball your color. Just copy the hex code that pops up and paste it into the receipt email section.

You can also add a header image, which will be scaled to fit within 600px x 200px.

Once you’re happy with your branding, click save.

To put the branding in action, just assign it to any contribution form you’d like. Visit the Edit tab of your contribution form and toggle the “Options” drop-down menu.

Choose the newly created branding from the ‘Branded Layout’ drop-down menu. Make sure you add some brief email receipt text, thanking your donors for their contribution.

We strongly recommend viewing a preview of the form before sending it out. Just click the blue ‘Preview’ link under the ‘Email receipt text’ box.

Just hit save once you’re all set! Your donors will appreciate finding a customized receipt and thank you note in their inbox.