Ad Tracking

We make it easy for organizations who run online ads to track how well they’re doing. If you’re not familiar with this tool and would like more information, feel free to contact us.

Candidates and groups can embed tracking codes on contribution forms and their Thank You pages to track both people who land on the form and people who convert and actually donate. You have the option to put the tracking snippets on a form by form basis, or set a default tracking code for your group which can then be chosen on each contribution form.

The safest and easiest option for most groups will be to only set up tracking on contribution forms that are specifically made as an endpoint for an ad campaign. This ensures that the contribution forms that you use for email and website traffic load as fast as possible.

To put tracking codes on a specific contribution form, first make sure you are logged in as the owner of that form. Then click on its "Edit" button in the Contribution Forms tab.

AdTracking1 The form editor will be open on the left side of your screen. Open the Advanced tab. 

AdTracking2 Go to the "Tracking codes" section and open the dropdown menu for "Landing tracking codes."

AdTracking3 When you select "Edit tracking code," a box will appear. Paste your code snippets here!

If your ad system allows you to pass a conversion amount, you can do so with the merge field {AMOUNT}. To do this, select "Edit tracking code" from the "Conversion tracking code" dropdown. Be sure to only do this in the Conversion section, NOT the Landing section. 

AdTracking5 We’ll replace that token with the amount of the contribution when the Thanks page renders. This allows you to track the monetary value of a click from within your advertising platform.

Remember to save any changes you make in the form editor by clicking the orange "Publish changes" button.

To set a default tracking code for your entire campaign or organization, first visit your Dashboard. On the left side of the screen click on “Settings.”

AdTracking6 Scroll down to the “Blurbs, Disclaimers and Tracking Codes” section and open it to see more options:

AdTracking7 Paste your code snippets in the correct fields under "Tracking Codes."


If your ad system allows you to pass a conversion amount, you can do so with the merge field {AMOUNT}.

Once you’ve saved your committee’s default tracking code(s), you can use them on any of your contribution forms by opening the Advanced tab in the form editor and selecting the "Use campaign default" option in the dropdown menus for "Landing tracking code" and "Conversion tracking code."