Goal Tracker

In this article:

  1. Creating and customizing a goal tracker
  2. Embedding a goal thermometer on your website

Using the goal tracker tool, you can set a fundraising goal and show real-time progress toward this goal as donors pitch in. You can even embed a tracker on your website! Try adding a goal tracker to your form if you’re fundraising on a deadline, and you want to get this urgency across to your donors. Here’s an example: 

The goal tracker is replacing the goal thermometer, one of ActBlue’s original digital fundraising tools! If you have a goal thermometer currently on a contribution form, it will remain active until June 6, 2022. The goal tracker has all the same functionality as the goal thermometer, so we encourage you to make the switch before June and keep tracking your progress toward your goal! 

You can find all of the information on creating and customizing a goal tracker below. 

Creating and Customizing a Goal Tracker

To create a goal tracker, navigate to the “Contribution Forms” tab of your Dashboard menu. Then, open your form by clicking the “Edit” button to the right of your form name.

You’ll see your form with the form editor opened up on the left. Click on the “Goal tracker” tab. 

Then, click the blue “Create a goal” button. 

You’ll see a live preview of your goal tracker on the right side of your screen! 

In the “Goal tracker” tab, pick either “Donations” or “Dollars” to track using your goal tracker. Then, enter the amount of either donations or dollars that you’re aiming for. 

Next, you can customize the title of your goal tracker. The title will be the title of your contribution form by default, but you can change it in the “Title” field.

You can also choose some additional stretch goals so when you hit your initial goal, your tracker will automatically update with a new and higher goal. Enter these in order, separated by commas with no spaces in between (for example: 2000,3000,4000). If you don’t enter the values correctly, your tracker won’t update automatically.

If you want to start tracking your goal on a date that’s different from the date you created your form, enter a start date in the “Start Date” field. 

Please note: You’ll have to publish your changes before you see the live total of the money you’ve raised since your intended start date! 

Next, you can change the preset raised amount to reflect money you’ve raised from other sources. 

Finally, you can change the color of both the bar and the font in your goal tracker. If you know the hex codes of colors in your group’s branding, feel free to use those!

Don’t forget to publish your changes to save your goal tracker!

Please note: If you change a form’s language to Spanish (which you can learn how to do here), the goal tracker’s ActBlue-provided text will be translated into Spanish. Any embedded goal trackers from that form will also have their ActBlue-provided text translated into Spanish! 

Embedding a Goal Tracker on Your Website

If you would like to embed your goal tracker on your website, just publish your changes and click “Generate Embed”! The resulting pop-up will have the code you need to paste into the source code (HTML) of your webpage – you can insert it wherever you would like your goal tracker to appear! Our engineers have included some helpful information in this pop-up if you’re new to editing HTML.

Once your goal tracker has been embedded on your website, it will link to your contribution form, so your donors can help you meet your goal!