Nominee funds

Nominee funds are a tool that allow people to donate to the eventual Democratic nominee in a specific federal race. Set up before primary elections, nominee funds give people a way to take action against the GOP even when elections are far off!

Here’s how it works: A donor gives to a nominee fund for a specific race. ActBlue holds the money in escrow until that primary is won. Then we immediately send all of the money in that fund to the nominee — crucial grassroots support the Democrat will need to face the GOP in the general election.

Here are some important things to know about nominee funds:

  1. Nominee funds are only available to federal races with Republican incumbents or retiring Democratic incumbents. This makes nominee funds an impactful tool for people looking to invest in strong leadership.
  2. Nominee funds are different than draft funds on ActBlue: Nominee funds go to whichever candidate wins a specified Democratic primary and becomes the Democratic nominee, while draft funds are a persuasion tool to encourage a specific person to run for a specific office.