Recurring Pitch

Recurring contributions help you build long-lasting relationships with supporters, make your budgeting easier, and bring in more money, period. That’s why we give you the ability to write a custom recurring pitch to highlight the recurring option on your contribution forms! 

This is a strategic feature to add to your recurring toolbox, and it’s available for both monthly and weekly recurring contribution forms. Donors need to be asked directly to give, and the recurring pitch enables you to make a personalized recurring ask at the final, crucial step of the donation process: 

The arrow pointing from your pitch to the “Yes” button emphasizes the recurring ask and can also be customized! 

Use the form editor to create a recurring pitch. Go to the Contribution Forms tab of your Dashboard and click on the “Edit” button next to your form’s name to open the editor.

Go to the “Recurring settings” tab in the form editor.

In the “Recurring settings” tab, choose “Recurring pitch” from the “Promote recurring donations” dropdown menu. 

In this menu, you can also add a recurring incentive to your form and recurring pop-up. This tool gives you the option to add a free gift for supporters who sign up for a recurring donation, as an added incentive to support you for the long term. At this time, you cannot include both a recurring pitch and a recurring incentive on your contribution form.

Once you select “Recurring pitch,” write your custom recurring upsell in the “Recurring pitch” field! Please note the pitch is limited to 140 characters. 

Your pitch will appear on your form preview in real time! 

If your donor is on desktop, they will see the recurring pitch underneath the “Make it monthly!” button options, like in the image above. If they are on mobile, they will see the recurring pitch above those buttons. The arrow will always point to the “Yes” button:

The recurring pitch is static, so all donors will see it, including ActBlue Express donors:

If you want to change the color of the arrow attached to your pitch, go back to the main menu of the form editor and select “Branding.”

Then go to “Donation block elements” and scroll down to “Form accents.” Use the color picker here to change the color of your arrow!

To get rid of the arrow, simply set the color to TRANSPARENT (do not use a # symbol).

Once you are happy with your arrow and pitch, just click the green “Publish” button at the top of the form editor to make your changes live. 

To get rid of the recurring pitch and arrow, simply delete the text in the “Recurring pitch” field and publish your changes.