Spanish language option

You can change all of the standard ActBlue-provided text on your contribution form to Spanish with a single click! If you’ve already been writing your donation ask or other form copy in Spanish, you will be able to create a user-friendly and unified form for your supporters in one easy step. Please note this tool is currently only available for regular contribution forms, not merchandise or event forms.

Just open your form editor and click on the “Form customization” tab: 

Under “Language,” select “Spanish / Español” from the “Form language” dropdown. 

Once you select “Spanish / Español” from the dropdown, you will see the translation of the ActBlue-provided text on your form in real time! This includes a form’s buttons, donation block helper text, donor information fields, default pop-up recurring message and buttons, default Smart Options recurring upsell message and buttons, default recurring incentive headers, standard contribution rules, and ActBlue disclaimer.

Please note this tool will not translate any text you write for your form, including the title, ask, custom pop-up recurring message, custom Smart Options recurring upsell message, custom recurring pitch, custom recurring incentive descriptions and headers, or branding. Goal trackers, custom radio buttons or text fields in the donation block, and additional text you add below the standard, ActBlue-generated contribution rules will not be translated, either.

Here’s an example of what a first-time donor will see when a contribution form is translated into Spanish:

Additionally, all three donation steps — Amount, Details, and Payment — will be translated:

Here’s an example of what an ActBlue Express user will see when a contribution form is translated into Spanish:

Here’s what the Smart Options message looks like with the default, ActBlue-provided text translated:

And here’s what the Smart Boost upsell message looks like with the default, ActBlue-provided text translated and with custom text:

If you are creating an embed with the Spanish language option turned on, the ActBlue-provided text on your embeddable form or your embeddable button’s pop-up modal will also be translated into Spanish. Please note: embeddable forms and buttons are currently only available to admins of 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations.

Since this tool only translates ActBlue-provided text on your form and in the recurring pop-up, the ActBlue-provided language donors see on the thanks page see after giving and in their email receipts will not be translated.

Don’t forget to click the green “Publish” button to save your changes before you share your form with your supporters!

You can always switch your form back to English by selecting “English / Inglés” from the “Form language” dropdown!

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