Using HTML on Contribution Forms

There are many ways to customize your fundraising page to make it your own!

When adding new content, you can always type regular text (separate paragraphs with a blank line). But for some parts of your page, you have the option to create your own layout with HTML. This guide will show you how to use bold, italics, links, bulleted lists, etc. If your goal is to add custom styles like color, size, and font, try out Brandings instead.

To indicate that a set of words should be formatted in a specific way, use HTML tags, which are commands enclosed in < >’s. In most cases, you’ll need to enclose a set of words inside a pair of tags, which indicate the beginning and ending of the text to be formatted. We only allow limited HTML on our forms, so keep it simple!

Here are some examples of what you can do:

Image caption: Supported tags include strong for bold text, em for italics, a with href for links, br for line breaks, blockquote, ol for numbered lists, ul for bullets, and li for list items inside lists.

After you publish your changes, double check the final result. If you have used any HTML tags or attributes that are unsupported, they will be automatically removed when the changes are saved.

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