Data Integration

Does ActBlue integrate with Salsa, Blue State Digital, NGPVAN, Trilogy and ActionKit?

Yes, we integrate with all of the above! We’ll push all your donor and fundraising tracking information directly into your database. If you have questions, contact us here.

How do I download my donor information/compliance reports?

To access your contributor data in real time, visit the Reporting tab in the left menu of your Dashboard. This tab will provide you with everything you need to follow up with your donors and legally comply with your reporting body. We make it easy to use with instructions on how to handle your data and options to download NGP or CSV data. You can also view and download information from individual checks.

How do I integrate ActBlue data with NGP?

If you’re a federal campaign using the compliance software NGP, we make it really easy for you. Go to the Reporting tab of your Dashboard, where you’ll see a breakdown of your individual check disbursements. You’ll see both a CSV and an NGP download option.


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