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What are ActBlue Express users and why are they helpful?

ActBlue Express Users are donors who have saved their payment information with ActBlue, and can donate with just a single click. That means they’re more likely to give to you, and other campaigns and organizations they support, again. Because the ActBlue Express donor universe is so large (7 million and counting), you’ll find many of your supporters are already a part of it.

What is ActBlue Express Lane and how can I get it?

ActBlue Express Lane lets donors with ActBlue Express accounts (they’ve saved their payment information with ActBlue) contribute instantly from an email. Donors just click the link for a specific amount and their contribution automatically goes through. The donors don’t have to spend time filling out a contribution form. All the work’s done for them! If you’d like to try Express Lane, let us know here.

I just made a personal contribution form but I can’t find it in my Dashboard, what happened?

If you made a contribution form to raise money for a group on ActBlue that you are not an admin for, click on the Manage menu in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.  Then click on “Fundraising” under “My ActBlue Express Account.”

This is where you’ll find all contribution forms you made to raise money for groups you support but are not an admin for.

If you made a contribution form for a group you are an admin for on ActBlue, you can search for the form name in its Dashboard. Head to the group’s Dashboard by clicking on the campaign or organization in the Dashboards menu at the top of your screen. 

Then click on the  Contribution Forms tab of your Dashboard toolbar on the left. You can use the search bar on the right to search for the specific form you’re looking for.

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