Guidelines for Using ActBlue’s Name

At ActBlue, we’ve worked hard to establish a brand that millions of donors trust. Making a political transaction is a high information transaction — donors are giving their names, addresses, employer and occupation, and in some cases their employer addresses, and trusting ActBlue to keep that information safe. In addition, we are a high-profile target for hackers and those seeking to sow distrust in the process of making a small-dollar contribution, including high-ranking Republicans, all the way up to Trump. That’s why it’s vital for the success of groups using our platform that donors continue to see ActBlue’s brand as safe, secure, and trustworthy. 

To that end, we ask that every campaign or organization using our platform adhere to these guidelines when mentioning our platform:

  • Do not refer to an ActBlue “error,” “problem,” or “issue.” If there is a legitimate issue with our platform, please reach out to us and we will work with you to communicate that to your users.
  • Because ActBlue is the fundraising platform you’re asking your donors to trust, using phrases such as “issue with ActBlue” instead of a plea of urgency could undermine your own fundraising and sow a concern in donors that it’s not safe to give online. Therefore we ask that you not use ActBlue as a stand-in for your fundraising — if you mean that there is an issue with your fundraising, say that instead of “issue with ActBlue.”

If you are not sure if the language you are hoping to use meets our guidelines, please reach out to your ActBlue contact, and we would be happy to review it for you! You can always reach us at

If we see groups repeatedly breaking these guidelines, we will reach out directly to them.