Managing Your Account

How do I add a user to my account?

Go to your Dashboard. In the menu on the left under the Admin section, select "User Access." Scroll to the bottom of the User Access page and enter the email address of the person you want to add. If they already have an ActBlue account, their email will appear next to a blue "Add user" button. Just click that button to add them!

If the person you want to add does not have an ActBlue account, type their full email address in the box. Then click the blue button that appears and says "Create user [email address] and grant access."

I need to remove an admin user from my campaign or organization's account, how do I do that?

We understand that campaigns and organizations are always changing so we make it easy to manage access to your account.

Please be advised that if a removed user is the owner of a contribution form, your group will no longer have access to that page in the Contribution Forms tab. Your campaign or organization will still receive the funds that form generates, but you will not be able to edit the form. Be sure to switch over ownership of forms to an active member of the campaign prior to removing a user. You can do that in the User Access tab of your Dashboard by choosing “Reassign forms.”

Once you’ve reassigned the user’s forms, click the “Remove User” button to the right of the listed email on the User Access tab of your Dashboard. Once an email is removed, the user no longer has access to the Dashboard.


Can I be an admin on more than one account? How do I switch between them?

Yes, you can be an admin on more than one account. You can switch between them by choosing the appropriate committee from the “My Committees” menu after you’re logged in.

I use the same email address to donate to campaigns and organizations that I use to access my Dashboard, is that a problem?

It is perfectly fine to use the same email address to donate to other campaigns and organizations listed on ActBlue and to access your Dashboard. This means you have two separate portals: “Your Account,” where you’ll access your donor information and “My Committees,” where you’ll access your Dashboard(s).

Where can I find my Dashboard?

Click on the name of your committee under the “My Committees” menu when you’re signed in. You’ll find this in the green bar along the top of your homepage. This will bring you straight to your Dashboard.

Where can I find information on my donors?

To access contribution data for compliance, visit the “Reporting” tab, which you can find in your Dashboard menu under “Tools.” In this tab, you can view our instructions on how to handle your data and download the CSV data that you will need to report, sorted by individual checks.

You can also view and export more contribution data for strategy or compliance purposes in the “Downloads” tab of the Dashboard menu. In this tab, you can download contribution data, including your canceled recurring contributions and refunds, for a specific time frame. 

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