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  1. “Security” tab
  2. “Notifications” tab

The Settings page is where you can find and manage all security-related tools and notifications for your ActBlue account. Navigate to the Settings page by clicking “Settings” in the Manage menu at the top of your screen.

“Security” tab

When you open the Settings page, you will land on the “Security” tab. At the top of the “Security” tab, you can change the email address you use to log in to your ActBlue account and change your password. Please note that email addresses cannot be changed to an email that already has an existing ActBlue Express account.

On this page, you can also enable or manage two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA acts as an extra layer of protection for your ActBlue admin account by requiring you to provide two different, independent pieces of verification to confirm your identity when logging in. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you can switch your two-factor device or generate backup codes.

Under “Browsers and devices,” you can view the different internet browsers and devices that your ActBlue account was recently accessed from. You’ll see when and where each device and browser was used, as well as the device’s IP address. You also have the option to sign out of all ActBlue sessions other than the one you are currently in.

Under “Recent activity,” you can view all recent security-related activity on your account, such as changing your password or enrolling in two-factor authentication.

If you are currently an admin for a campaign or organization and would like to delete your personal ActBlue account, you will need to be removed from any campaigns or organizations you administer. Other active admins at your campaign or organization can remove you as an admin, or you can contact if you would like to start this process.

“Notifications” tab

The other tab on the Settings page is the “Notifications” tab. This is where you can manage the fundraising and security notifications that you receive via email about your ActBlue account.

All of the notifications in this tab are turned on by default for your security:

  • Daily email reports about your fundraising 
  • An alert to let you know when you have been signed out of all sessions 

If you have your personal payment information saved in an ActBlue Express account in addition to being an admin for a campaign or organization, you will also see additional notifications for the following security events: 

If you would like to turn any of these notifications off, simply click the toggle on the right side of your screen. 

Please note that even if you turn off all of these notifications, for your security you will still receive emails from ActBlue about other important security-related changes to your account, including password changes and two-factor authentication updates. 

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