Reconciliation Guide (Stripe)

Reconciliation of Stripe merchant account fees is predictable and straightforward, with the ability to request a single report that shows all the information you need. The report includes a full itemized breakdown of all the donations and AB order numbers included in each deposit, as well as all Stripe and ActBlue fees associated with the deposit.

Merchant Account Report Downloads

All of the information you need to reconcile your Stripe merchant account fees can be found in the Downloads page on your ActBlue Dashboard. 

The Downloads page contains two relevant reports:

  1. The “Merchant Account Activity report contains all contributions that were created during the selected date range.
  2. The “Merchant Account Settlement report contains all contributions included in payouts to your bank account that were created during the selected date range.

For reconciliation purposes, the most important columns are the Txn Amount (gross donation amount), the Stripe Fee Amount, the ActBlue Fee Amount, and the Net Settlement (the net amount deposited to your bank account).
Important Note: Payout data created in the past two business days may not be available from Stripe.