Fees (Stripe)

The fee structure for Stripe Merchant accounts is transparent and predictable, and will allow you to get a full picture of the fees incurred by your campaign or organization at any time.

Each contribution will be assessed a total fee of 3.7% + $0.23 (inclusive of all fees assessed by Stripe and ActBlue), which is deducted from the gross donation amount before it is paid out, meaning that the deposits to your bank account will reflect the net amount of donations after removing the transaction fee. For example, a $20 contribution will result in a net payout of $19.03.

There are no signup fees, payout fees, or maintenance fees.

If a contribution is refunded through the ActBlue dashboard, the ActBlue portion of the fees assessed on that contribution will be credited back to you. Stripe’s transaction fees are unfortunately non-refundable.

If a contribution is subject to a formal dispute by the cardholder (a “chargeback”), the amount of the contribution will be deducted from your next payout, along with a $7 dispute fee. ActBlue may contest the chargeback on your behalf, and if that process is successful, the contribution will be returned to you and the $7 dispute fee will be credited back to you.

As a result of the constraints of operating in jurisdictions where merchant accounts are required, this fee structure differs slightly from the flat fee of 3.95% per contribution for accounts in jurisdictions that do not require merchant accounts.