Payout Schedule (Stripe)

Payouts to your bank account from Stripe are automatic and do not need to be manually triggered or processed. When you receive donations through ActBlue, you will receive automatic payouts via direct deposit following the schedule below. Donations processed through a Stripe merchant account will generally land in your campaign bank account about two business days after the date that the donation was made.

Contribution Date (Eastern Time)*Payout Date**Payout will reach your bank account on…
Saturday, Sunday, MondayTuesdayWednesday

*On banking holidays, payouts may be delayed.

**This may vary depending on your specific bank’s processing schedule.

From your dashboard’s Overview, you can find a “Payouts” module with top-line information on account payouts and deficits, if applicable.

Screenshot of Payout module on the dashboard Overview page. Module includes "Your latest payout" and "Your next payout," and references your specific Stripe ID.