Stripe Merchant Account Settings

You can make updates to your Stripe and bank account information through the “Financials Settings” tab on your ActBlue Dashboard.

On this page, you’ll find information about your current Stripe and bank account status, any pending actions required for your accounts, and options for updating your settings.

Updating Your Stripe Account

Clicking on “Update Stripe account details” will take you to Stripe’s website, where you’ll be able to update your business details and account representative.

Stripe may request additional information for verification and security purposes. In these instances, your Financial Settings page will prompt you to update your Stripe account, and you will receive an email notification alerting you of the requirements.

Updating Your Bank Account

You can update the details of the bank account where you’ll be receiving ACH transfers by clicking on the “Update” button next to your your bank account settings. 

All updated bank account information will be reviewed by our support team in around 1-2 business days. In some circumstances, additional time may be required to request updates and edits to your bank account details.

You will need your bank institution name, account number, routing number and a bank document that displays your account information. This could be a voided check, a bank statement, or an account confirmation letter.

We can only accept an original and unaltered bank document that meets all of the following requirements:

  • Your committee name or DBA name must be printed (not handwritten) on the document as the name associated with the account. Your campaign bank account must be registered to the name of the committee in order to prove ownership of the account.
  • The name of the bank must be printed on the document.
  • Full bank account number must be printed on the document (not handwritten).
  • Full bank routing number must be printed on the document (not handwritten).

The uploaded image must include the entire document, and all of the text must be legible. If the uploaded bank document does not meet the requirements outlined above, you will receive an email notifying you of our inability to accept the document, and you will be prompted to upload a new document that fits the requirements.

Failed Payouts to Your Bank Account

In the event that we are unable to process an ACH transfer to your bank account, you’ll receive an email notification requesting that you update your bank information on the financial settings page. 

After confirming your bank account details are correct and ensuring there are no blocking activities on your bank account, you may retry your payout. If you continue to run into issues with your payout, please contact us at