Making the Most of a Strategy Call

A major benefit of using ActBlue is the amount of support we provide. If you’re feeling stuck navigating your Dashboard or learning a specific tool, you don’t have to figure it out on your own! 

Our team provides one-on-one support to all groups on our platform, and like all of our tools, this service comes standard when you are an ActBlue user! Each group on our platform has a dedicated digital fundraising expert with experience in that region, level of office, or issue area (if you’re a nonprofit).

When you first sign up

When you set up your ActBlue account, your designated digital fundraising expert will reach out to set up a meeting. These calls will help you learn the basics of ActBlue if you’re a first-time user, and get you up-to-speed on new features if you’re already familiar with ActBlue. Regardless of your experience level, your contact will work with you to make sure you’re using your account most effectively and strategically based on your distinct needs. You might cover what tools are available, how to set up different kinds of forms, where your data will live, and more. 

Tool demonstrations

You can always reach out to your digital fundraising expert for a demonstration of how a specific tool or feature on ActBlue works. They’ll take you through the steps to use the tool and can also guide you through best practices! This 15- 20-minute call is especially useful after a new feature is released, so you and your team are prepared to leverage the tool when your strategy calls for it. 

Talking strategy

In addition to talking about specific tools, your Outreach contact can share their insight on what is working well for other groups in your region or issue area. Our digital fundraising experts can also help you customize your branding to optimize your form and convert more people into donors. 

Some fundraisers set up a standing call with their Outreach contact to talk through upcoming events and goals. The earlier you touch base with your contact, the more they’ll be able to support your long term fundraising efforts on ActBlue. 

Examples of call topics:

  • Identify ActBlue tools that would help you reach your goals
  • Find your donor data
  • Optimize your use of ActBlue’s recurring tools
  • Provide feedback on how you’re using ActBlue tools
  • Discuss fundraising trends in your region or issue area 
  • Ask questions about state-specific compliance 

Our team provides this friendly and efficient one-on-one support to all groups on our platform – and there’s no cost to using this service! When your supporters donate, there’s just a 3.95% processing fee we pass along to your campaign or organization. 

If you don’t know who your ActBlue or AB Charities representative is, email