Step 3: Donor Data

Your team will need to file contribution reports in order to be compliant with federal and state law. We’ve made it easy for you to access your contributor info so you can have the data you need to meet any and all reporting deadlines.

Head to the "Reporting" tab of your Dashboard, which contains all of the contributor information you’ll need to complete accurate reports.

Please note that what you see here might be a little different if you’re a group with a merchant account.

First, you should read through the compliance and reporting guidelines we’ve laid out for you. Just click the link within the "Disbursements" tab.


Reminder: we’re glad to offer some helpful information, but this is not legal advice. You should consult with your counsel and your compliance team when filing compliance reports. Once you're up to speed, download your CSV contributor data. CSV, which stands for comma separated values, is a popular and universal format that should work with all types of donor tracking software, including Excel and Access.

Visit the "Downloads" tab and click the "Download" button to export your CSV data. You can download contributions for a specific time frame or contribution form, or a report for all contributions.


You can also download a CSV for a specific check or disbursement of funds. Just head to the "Disbursements" tab underneath the Reporting center heading.


Scroll to find the date or check number you’re looking for and choose the "CSV" button all the way to the right.


If you want to view data for a specific check or disbursement without downloading a CSV, just click the "Details" link next to the "CSV" button.

There, you’ll be able to view both contributions and refunds for a check or disbursement right from your ActBlue Dashboard.

Donor Data From A Contribution Form

You can also download a report for a specific contribution form by visiting the Statistics page for that form.

You’ll find the "Stats" button on the form navigation bar (form navbar), which is at the top when viewing your form.

The Statistics page will show you a table of the contributions that specific form received, broken down by refcode. Below the table, you should see an “Additional tools” option. Toggle the dropdown menu and you’ll be able to download a CSV of contributions.



If you’re a federal campaign using the compliance software NGP, we make it really easy for you. Click the link to download NGP data next to a check disbursement, just like you would if you were downloading a CSV.


If you're interested in learning about how to visualize your donor data, you can read about it here.

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