Adding & Removing Users to Your Account

You'll want to make sure only current team members have access to your candidate, committee or organization's ActBlue account. We make it easy for you to keep the list of users up to date.

Visit your group’s Dashboard by clicking on the User menu icon at the top right after logging in. Select your group from the My Dashboards menu, and then click on the "User Access" tab from the Dashboard menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the page where you can add new users who will have access to your group's Dashboard. Type in your colleague's email address. If they already have an ActBlue account, their name will pop up and you can click "Add User." If you want to add a user to the account who has never used ActBlue before, enter their email address and click the button that says "Create User and grant access." We'll send them a link to create an account and add them as a user on your account.

We know staff turnover is a fact of life. If you want to remove a user from your account, just click "Remove" next to their email address.

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