“Bump Your Recurring” links

A “Bump Your Recurring” link is an individualized link that you can send to your recurring donors so they can easily increase the amount of their monthly contribution. Each link is unique and directs to an Increase Your Monthly Impact page associated with the donor’s ActBlue Express account. 

In this article: 

  1. Generating Bump Your Recurring Links
  2. Exporting Bump Your Recurring Data

Generating Bump Your Recurring Links

The Report Builder automatically generates “Bump Your Recurring” links for eligible recurring donors. To access these links, you’ll need to build a custom report and opt to include the “Bump Your Recurring Link” column. 

First, open your Dashboard and select Report Builder from the Dashboard toolbar.

Then, click “Build New Report” in the top right corner of the page.

On the Build New Report page, select your date range and filters. You may wish to change the Refund Status filter to “Non-Refunded only” to exclude refunded contributions from your report.  

Next, select the columns you’d like to include in your report. Make sure to select the “Bump Your Recurring Link” column from the Recurring section. You can also include “Donor Email,” “Donor First Name,” “Donor Last Name,” “Is Recurring,” and “Text Message Opt-In, for example,” so you have the information you need to send the links.

Once you’ve made your column selections, click “Generate” at the bottom of the page. In the pop-up, you’ll have the option to save the template for future use. 

The banner at the top of the page will indicate that your report is being generated for download. If you save it as a template you can choose to export it to Google Sheets™ or download it as a CSV. 

The “Bump Your Recurring Link” column in your report is only populated for certain recurring contributions because only eligible recurring donations can be updated through these links. Recurring donations must be:

  • Single recipient
  • Monthly
  • Active with more than one recurrence remaining
  • Attached to an ActBlue Express account

 If the “Bump Your Recurring Link” column is blank, the donation does not meet these requirements.

Since each link corresponds to a specific recurring contribution, use the information from your report to ensure that you send each link – via email or text – to the correct donor. When a donor clicks their individualized link, they’ll land on an Increase Your Monthly Impact page. If a donor chooses to increase their recurring contribution, the new amount will apply to the next recurrence.

Please note that the Increase Your Monthly Impact page is not customizable. The graphic next to your group’s name is the one that appears in the ActBlue Directory, and smart data automatically populates the dollar amounts listed in the “more monthly” buttons.

Exporting Bump Your Recurring Data

You can also use the Report Builder to view the results of “Bump Your Recurring” links. Simply include the “Bump Your Recurring Amount,” “Bump Your Recurring Seen,” and “Bump Your Recurring Succeeded” columns.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team at support@actblue.com!

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