How To Use Your Overview

Your Overview page is the homepage of your Dashboard on ActBlue. The Overview will provide all the basic data and metrics you’ll need about your campaign or organization’s fundraising program, like how much you’ve raised in the last week, where your donors are located, and your most successful contribution forms.

At the top of the page, you’ll see topline numbers for your group over the last seven days: the number of contributions made to your campaign or organization, dollars raised, and your average contribution size. Below the topline numbers, you’ll see a bar graph with a breakdown of your daily fundraising totals.

To see how many contributions you received on a particular day, hover over the orange line. Or, to see how much you raised on a given day, hover over the blue bars. 

You can change the timeframe for the topline numbers and graph. You can either click the dropdown and choose from different timeframe options or enter exact start and end dates of a custom timeframe you need. Then click the “Filter” button!

How Donors are Giving

The pie charts provided on the Overview page can help you understand your donors better so you can make smarter fundraising decisions! With this data, you can see what percentage of your contributions were made via ActBlue Express, PayPal™, Apply Pay®, or mobile device during the timeframe you selected at the top. If ActBlue Express Lane is enabled for your campaign or organization, you’ll also see a chart for contributions made via this feature. You can find sitewide averages under the pie charts to give you a point of comparison.

Next to these pie charts is a list of your highest raising forms for the timeframe you selected. This is helpful for figuring out what kinds of messages are resonating with your donors.

Scroll further for a bar graph of hourly contribution volume. When you hover over the bars, you can see how much money was raised by how many donors in that hour. You can change this graph to display data for a day, a week, two weeks, or a month.

Recent Contributions

Below that, you’ll see a graph that keeps track of your contributions over the last hour. Recurring contributions are represented as squares, and one-time donations are represented as circles. When you hover over each contribution, you can see the donation amount and forms and refcodes they’re associated with. Next to this, you’ll also see a list of recent contributions made that updates in real time.

Lastly, you will find the donations your team has raised in the past hour visualized on a map at the bottom of the Overview. This map displays where across the country contributions to your campaign or organization are being made. The size of the dots reflect the size of donations so you can easily see where your money is coming from. To play a sound every time you receive a donation, use our pinger feature below the map! Just pick the sound you want from the dropdown menu in the blue bar.

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