How To Use Your Overview

Your Overview page is the homepage of your Dashboard. It provides essential data and metrics about your fundraising program, like how much you’ve raised in the last week, the location of your donors, and your most successful contribution forms. 

This article references the new actionable dashboard. If you are using the old ActBlue Dashboard, it will look different from the Overview laid out below. To switch to the new dashboard, click “Update your Dashboard” at the top of the page after you sign into your ActBlue account.

At the top of the page, you’ll see Fundraising Performance for your group over the last seven days: the number of contributions made to your campaign or organization, dollars raised, and your average contribution size. A bar graph shows a breakdown of your daily fundraising totals.

To see how many contributions you received on a particular day, hover over the purple line. Or, to see how much you raised on a given day, hover over the blue bars. 

You can change the timeframe for your Fundraising Performance numbers and graph. You can either click the dropdown and choose from different timeframe options or enter the exact start and end dates of a custom timeframe you need. Then click the “Filter” button!

Recent Contributions

The “Recent Contributions” module lists your five most recent contributions: donor name, amount, location, contribution type, and time since the contribution. Click on the donor’s name to view more details, including the ActBlue order number and donor’s email. 

Top Forms

This module lists your highest-raising forms for the selected time frame so you can determine what messages are resonating with your donors.


The Recurring module projects your total number of recurring contributions for the next 30 days and the total income from those contributions. Click on the link to view a retention chart for your recurring program. 

Donor Statistics

In the Donor Statistics module, you can view the number of unique and first-time donors gained over a given timeframe, and the percentage that came from your state. 

Form Breakdown

The Form Breakdown module displays the various form types your donors are using and how much money is coming from each:

  1. Forms you manage: donations that come through forms managed through your ActBlue account
  2. Donor Dashboard: contributions made directly from a donor’s ActBlue Express dashboard
  3. Forms managed by other organizations: fundraising done by other organizations through a Tandem form

Forms managed by your supporters: donations made through supporter forms

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