Refunds & Recurring Cancellations

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ActBlue gives your team the ability to process refunds or cancel recurring contributions, ensuring that you can handle simple donor relations issues right away. Keep reading for everything you need to issue refunds to donors and cancel recurring contributions.

And as always, if you have questions our team is always here to help at

Issuing Refunds

If a donor requests a refund, you can track down their specific contribution by heading to the “Contributions Search” tab in your Dashboard.

Once there, fill in any available information about the refund, and click “Search.”

When you’ve found the right contribution, click the order number (it will be formatted as AB########) to view all of the contribution information: the donation amount, the donor’s email address, and their billing address. Choose the appropriate reason for the refund, like wrong amount or a test contribution by your team, and click “Process Refund.”

If the contribution has already been disbursed in a check to your team, you’ll see a message prompting you to contact our customer service team.

If a contribution has already been refunded, you’ll see the date it was refunded under the “Refund date” column of your list of contributions on the Contributions Search page. When you click on the refunded donation, it will look orange.

Cancelling Recurring Contributions

If a donor has signed up for an unintended recurring contribution or would like to cancel their recurring contribution, you can take care of that, too. Click on the order number for the contribution. Then, just click “Cancel the remainder of this recurring contribution” at the bottom of the screen.

Your Refund Center

Your refund center lists all refunds made from your ActBlue account — whether they were processed by your team, ActBlue Customer Service (in response to a donor call/email), or credit card chargebacks. To access your refund center, just select “Refunds” from your Dashboard menu.

There are two types of refunds, and the type of refund may affect whether you need to report the contribution.

The first is a pre-disbursement refund, which is issued before the funds are sent to your committee. This may not need to be reported, since your campaign or organization never received the funds. You’ll be able to tell which are pre-disbursement refunds because they’ll have an N/A in the “Disbursed” column.

The second type of refund is a post-disbursement refund. This is a refund issued for a contribution that was already sent to your committee, and it may need to be reported by your campaign or organization. You can click on the date listed under the “Disbursed” column to see information about the check that originally contained the refunded contribution.

If a donor requests a refund after it’s been disbursed, we’ll deduct those funds from your pending check. Once you’ve received enough money to cover the refunded contribution, you can click the date under “Recovered” to see information about the check from which the refund has been subtracted.

When you click on the “Order number” of a refund, you’ll see details of the refunded contribution. At the bottom, you the date it was refunded, along with the reason (if entered at the time of the refund).

Our customer service team is always happy to answer any questions, as well as locate and handle any refunds or recurring cancellations for you. Just send us an email at and we’ll take care of it right away!

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