Switching Your Two-Factor Device

We work hard to make sure your ActBlue account’s security stands the test of time, but we know that mobile devices often do not! Since two-factor authentication (2FA) depends on your mobile device, you will need to update your account’s security settings whenever you change devices. Here’s how to switch your two-factor device and keep your account safe.

Click on the Manage menu in your navigation bar at the top of your screen. Then click on “Settings.” You’ll be brought to the Settings page with the “Security” tab open, where you can see whether you’ve turned on 2FA, enabled a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) app, and generated backup codes for your account.

Click on the “Switch to a new device” link under your account’s two-factor information.

Before adding a new two-factor device, you will be asked to enter an authentication code from your current device or a backup code to verify your identity. After confirming your identity, your current two-factor device will be removed so you can set up a new device!

After entering an authentication code or backup code and clicking “Verify,” your old device will be deleted from your ActBlue account, and you will be brought to the “Enable two-factor authentication” page to set up your new device. You should also receive an email from ActBlue Security Alerts at support@actblue.com that confirms you removed your two-factor device. To keep your account secure, ActBlue Security Alerts will send you email notifications whenever changes are made to your account’s 2FA settings.

Follow the three steps on the “Enable two-factor authentication” page to set up your new two-factor device. For in-depth instructions on how to enable two-factor authentication for a new device and generate new backup codes, click here.

If you have any questions, drop us a line at support@actblue.com!

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