Accessing Community Form Data

Community forms are fundraising forms that enable communities of your supporters to fundraise for your organization. 

You can view the total amount of money raised from supporter and community forms  by opening your Dashboard and scrolling to the module titled “Form Breakdown.” This module breaks down the various sources of all your contributions. The amount of money “Raised on forms managed by your supporters” represents dollars raised through community and supporter forms.  

As an admin, you can’t edit community forms or view their statistics pages. However, you can access their contribution data.

Head to the Contribution Forms tab from your dashboard toolbar. At the top of the page, you’ll notice three tabs: “Managed by you,” “Managed by other groups,” and “Managed by supporters.” You can toggle between them to see a list of your different fundraising forms. Click on the “Managed by supporters” tab.

In the “Managed by supporters” tab, you can see all the community forms made to fundraise on behalf of your group. As an admin, you can view details about your form: form type, title and link, date created, number of contributions made, dollars raised, branding, and creator’s email. 

While admins cannot view the Statistics pages for community forms, you always have access to the contribution data for all forms fundraising for your group, including community forms. First find the date the community form was created on.

Then go to the Downloads tab in your Dashboard toolbar, under “Tools.”

With the “Contributions over a specified time period” report, you can export a custom CSV or Google Sheet that lists all contribution data, including contributions from supporter forms. To view the contribution data from a particular supporter form, click the date the supporter form was created on the calendar or enter it manually, and do the same for the end date. If you want to see all of the data since the form’s creation, use the current date. Then click the gray “Export” button to download the spreadsheet!

Once you have the spreadsheet for the time period you want, go to the column labeled “Fundraiser Recipient ID” (the supporter form’s name). Sort this column of form names alphabetically to quickly find the donors who gave to you on a specific supporter form in your defined time period!

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