Duplicating Forms

If you’re constantly creating new contribution forms, but only changing the text and not the settings, you should consider duplicating your form. When you make a clone of one of your forms on ActBlue, all of the settings will be copied from the original form to the duplicate form, saving you time and making it super easy to create a new form for every fundraising email you send so you can track each one’s performance.

The easiest way to duplicate a form is by first heading to the “Contribution Forms” tab of your Dashboard. Find the form you’d like to copy, and then click the “Duplicate” button.

duplicating 1

A pop-up will appear where you can finish the web address (URL slug) of your new form. This word (or phrase) will not only be part of the unique web address for your form, it will also be the name of your form in your ActBlue Dashboard. Then click “Create form” to begin editing your cloned form!

duplicating 2

You can also make a copy of your form while viewing it. First select the form name to view that form.

duplicating 3

Once you’re viewing your form, click the “Clone” button on the form navigation bar (form navbar) at the top.

You’ll be prompted to choose a new web address. Once you’ve done that, click the “Create new form” button and proceed to make any changes you’d like to this cloned form.

duplicating 4

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