How to send your supporters a link to make their own preset fundraising page

Community forms are a great way for your passionate supporters to organize their own networks and raise money for your campaign or organization. That’s why we make it easy for you to help your supporters get started with a community form that is preset with your branding and content. Right in your form editor, you can access a shareable link that leads supporters to a landing page where they can create a form that uses your preset branding and content. Here’s how!

If you need to create a branding for community forms, just follow the instructions in this article to create a reusable branding that is exactly how you’d like your supporters’ community forms to look. Under “Save Options” in the branding editor, make sure to toggle the “Make branding reusable” button to “Yes” and give the branding a name before saving so you can use it on other forms. Then follow the instructions below!

If you already created a reusable branding meant for community forms, open up a form that is using the branding. Click “Edit” on the form navigation bar (navbar) to open up the form editor.

Then head to the “Branding” tab to open the branding editor.

Click “Edit” to open up your branding’s settings.

Then head to “Save options” at the bottom.

First, toggle the “Make public” button to “Yes” to make sure any supporter can use your branding to fundraise for you. Then click the blue “Save” button at the top.

After saving your branding’s updated settings, you’ll be taken back to the “Branding” tab.

Click on “Edit” again and go back to “Save options” in the branding editor. Now you should see “Share Link” at the bottom, which will lead any supporter with the link to a landing page where they can create their own branded community form with a single click!

You also have the option to set a “Custom Title” and “Custom Ask” if you’d like community forms to come with the form title and ask pre-filled for your supporters. If you fill in these optional fields, click the “Save” button before sharing the link to your landing page.

Copy the “Share Link” for your landing page and share it with your supporters for them to make a preset community form right away. Note that your supporters will need to log in to ActBlue or create a free account before making a community form via your landing page.

This is what a community form landing page with a preset branding, title, and ask can look like:

Your supporters will have to finish their form’s “Website Address” so it has a unique URL. All they need to do is type a short, simple, memorable word or phrase (no spaces) to finish the web address. Lastly, they’ll see a place for the form’s title and ask. If you already filled that out in the branding editor, then supporters will see your custom title and ask!

After clicking “Get Started,” supporters are brought to their community form where they can begin organizing and fundraising for your campaign or organization!

Your supporters can see how the community forms they created are doing by clicking on the “Stats” button in the form navigation bar (form navbar) up top.

The Statistics page shows the number of contributions (“Count”), number of visits to the form (“Visits”), conversion rate, percent of contributions made on mobile, total amount donated with the average contribution size in parentheses, how many of the contributions made were recurring, and how much money was brought in by recurring contributions.

As an admin, you can’t edit community forms or view their Statistics pages, but you do have access to the donor data for all community forms supporters make to fundraise for you. To access data from community forms, head to the “Contribution Forms” tab of your Dashboard and click on the “Community Forms” tab.

First find the date the community form was created on in your Community Forms tab.

Then head to the “Reporting” tab of your Dashboard.

Then click on the “Downloads” tab of your Reporting center.

With the "Contributions over a specified time period" report, you can download a custom CSV that will list the donor data for all of your contributions, including community form contributions. Simply use the date the community form was created on for your report's “Start Date,” and pick the “End Date” you're interested in (if you want to see all of the data since the form's creation, use the current date). Then click the gray "CSV" button to download the spreadsheet!

Once you have the CSV for the time period you want, open it and go to the column labeled "Fundraiser Recipient ID" (which is the community form’s name). Sort this column of form names alphabetically so you can easily find the donors who have given to you on a specific community form in your defined time period!

You can learn more about community forms and how to access all this data here. If you need assistance at any point, reach out to us at

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