Image Vetting and Consenting

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  1. Why is proper image use important?
  2. Best Practices: Sourcing images for fundraising

Why is proper image use important?

Images create a more personal, personable online presence, and attract donors while communicating your core values outward. Clear, effective photographs will be the most advantageous to your campaign or organization, and each fundraising program should consider photographs as crucial an element as the information shared on your contribution form. While strong images are crucial to your success, we strongly recommend that you take time to vet the content within the images you utilize, and properly acquire consent from anyone depicted in a particular image. Why?

  • Images can make or break your cause! Since your contribution form is a highly shareable online element, the photos you use can increase traffic and expand your reach.
  • On the other hand, high shareability means high potential visibility. We recommend using photos that positively uplift the goals of your fundraiser and align with the values of your organization.

Best Practices: Sourcing images for fundraising

Personalized, specific, and clear images make a much bigger impact in any online fundraising campaign. iPhone and personal camera images get the job done, sure, but professional images are much more inviting to click on! Here are some ideas that can help you achieve a seamless aesthetic:

  • What are the major themes of your campaign or cause? Create and utilize images that support those concepts; the more creative and personal, the better!
  • Keep up with the people captured in the images you use on your contribution form and acquire their affirmative consent to be featured on your form. Being featured in your fundraising campaign could also mean their image may be prominent in ​social shares​, online news, and media posts. The person(s) featured should be comfortable with potential uses of their likeness.
  • In lieu of highly specified images, stock photos can be used to enrich your online footprint.
  • Creative Commons is a great tool for finding free, easily accessible imaging that contains relevant imagery and themes.

Consider following these guidelines and tips as you are building your contribution forms and taking them live!

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