Texting Opt-In

As mass or broadcast texting programs become more popular, we’ve made it easy for campaigns and organizations to make sure they are in compliance with mobile carrier regulations. Just reach out to your ActBlue contact or support@actblue.com and say you want to add a text message opt-in to your account. After we get all of the necessary information from you, we’ll turn the opt-in on for your group. An opt-in check box will appear on all contribution forms for your group, except for Tandem forms. 

New and uncookied donors will see an unchecked box underneath the “Cell phone” field in the Details step of the donation process. 

The text message opt-in will also work on Spanish forms:

Your opt-in and opt-out data will be available in your spreadsheet exports and webhooks. Some donors, like ActBlue Express users or returning donors, will not see the check box because they have fewer steps in the donation process. The text message opt-in status for these donors will be noted as “unknown” in your data.