Upsell Features

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  1. Smart Options
  2. Smart Suggestion
  3. Pop-up Recurring
  4. Recurring Incentive
  5. Weekly Recurring
  6. Smart Boost

ActBlue’s upsell tools include recurring options and data-driven Smart features, which use a supporter’s initial donation to suggest an upsell amount. All of these tools give you the opportunity to sustain your movement for the long haul.

Recurring Upsells

With this recurring upsell turned on, donors see a pop-up that suggests multiple monthly donation amounts smaller than the one-time donation they just gave, plus the option to set their own monthly amount. This is the default upsell, turned on automatically for all new forms to help admins start building recurring programs.

The Smart Suggestion recurring upsell will present donors with one data-driven suggestion for a smaller monthly contribution after they’ve given a one-time donation.

This feature presents donors with a pop-up that asks them to make a recurring donation that is the same amount as the one-time contribution they just made.

To build your monthly program, you can offer a free gift of your creation to donors who make their contribution recurring! While donors will first see your recurring incentive in the regular donation flow, you can also promote the free gift in any of our recurring upsells.

If you are asking for weekly recurring contributions, the weekly version of our pop-up recurring feature will be turned on by default for your forms. We also offer a weekly version of our Smart Options recurring upsell!

Regular Upsells

This upsell enables donors to either double their original contribution or increase it by an amount that is smaller than their original contribution. This is a great feature to use when you need to get more money in the door quickly, as opposed to building a recurring program.