Using and Evaluating Supporter Forms

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  1. Using a reusable branding for a supporter form
  2. Sharing a form link with your supporters
  3. Checking in on your supporter forms
  4. Viewing data from your supporter forms

Supporter forms are an excellent way for folks to organize their friends, family, and personal networks and raise money for your campaign or organization. You can make fundraising on your behalf easy for your champions by setting up the branding or content on your supporter forms. Here’s how!

If you need to create a branding meant for supporter forms, follow the instructions in this article to make a reusable branding that is how you’d like supporter forms fundraising for you to look. Under “Save Options” in the branding editor, make sure to toggle the “Make branding reusable” button to “Yes” and give the branding a name before saving so you can use it on other forms. Then follow the instructions below!

Using a Reusable Branding For a Supporter Form

You can view the total amount of money raised from supporter and community forms  by opening your Dashboard and scrolling to the module titled “Form Breakdown.” This module breaks down the various sources of all your contributions. The amount of money “Raised on forms managed by your supporters” represents dollars raised through community and supporter forms.  

If you already have a reusable branding you’d like to use for your supporter forms, open up any form that is using that branding. Click “Edit” on the form navigation bar (navbar) to open up the form editor.

Then head to the “Branding” tab to open the branding editor.

Click “Edit” to open up your branding’s settings.

Then head to “Save options” at the bottom.

First, toggle the “Make public” button to “Yes” to make sure any supporter can use your branding to fundraise for you. Then click the blue “Save” button at the top.

After saving your branding’s updated settings, you’ll be taken back to the “Branding” tab.

Click on “Edit” again and go back to “Save options” in the branding editor. Now you should see “Share Link” at the bottom, with a link that you can send to supporters. This link will take them to a landing page where they can create their own version of this form that uses your branding! (Please note: Your supporters will need to log in to ActBlue or create a free account before making a supporter form.)

You also have the option to set a “Custom Title” and “Custom Ask” if you’d like supporter forms to come with the form title and ask written for your supporters. If you fill in these optional fields in the Branding tab of the form editor, click the “Save” button before sharing the link to your landing page.

When your supporter clicks on your link, they will be directed to a form that they need to fill out to create their own supporter form. 

If you have already filled out the form’s title and ask in the branding editor, your supporters simply need to finish their form’s “Website Address” so it has a unique URL. To complete the web address, they should type a short, simple, memorable word or phrase (no spaces).

After clicking “Get Started,” folks are brought to their supporter form, where they can begin organizing and fundraising for your campaign or organization!

Please note you can also find the share link to your supporter forms in the Brandings tab of your Dashboard toolbar. 

Click “Share” next to the branding you would like your supporter form to use. In the pop-up that appears, you can copy the link to your supporter form’s landing page! 

Checking In On Your Supporter Forms

You can find supporter forms raising for you by heading to the Contribution Forms tab of your Dashboard toolbar and selecting the “Managed by supporters” tab.

As an admin, you can view details about your form: form type, title and link, date created, number of contributions made, dollars raised, branding, and creator’s email. 

By knowing the email addresses of your supporter form creators, you can send thank you emails to your most passionate supporters who are organizing their networks on your behalf.

As an admin, you can’t edit supporter forms folks make to fundraise on your behalf. However, you can remove supporter forms with inappropriate or inaccurate content so they’re hidden from the public and will not accept any more contributions. When you view a supporter form, you should see a message at the top with the removal option. Click “Remove this form” to hide the inappropriate supporter form.

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that you’d like to remove this supporter form. Select “Yes, remove.”

You also have the option to reactivate a supporter form you’ve removed in the past. Head to the Contribution Forms tab of your Dashboard toolbar and select the “Managed by supporters” tab. You can find all the supporter forms that you removed or the form creator deleted at the bottom of the list of forms in the “Managed by supporters” tab! You’ll know they are hidden from the public and not accepting contributions if they are gray. Click on the form name to view the hidden supporter form.

When you look at the hidden supporter form, you will see an orange message at the top letting you know this form was removed. Click “Reactivate this form” if you’d like to make the form public and allow it to accept donations once again!

Viewing Data From Your Supporter Forms

As an admin, you can’t view the statistics pages for supporter forms, but you can access contribution data for all of your forms, including supporter forms. Access supporter form data from the Contribution Forms tab of your dashboard and  select the “Managed by supporters” tab.

First, find the date the supporter form was created on.

Then go to the Downloads tab in the Dashboard toolbar under “Tools.”

With the “Contributions over a specified time period” report, you can export a custom CSV or Google Sheet that lists all contribution data, including contributions from supporter forms. To view the contribution data from a particular supporter form, click the date the supporter form was created on the calendar or enter it manually, and do the same for the end date. If you want to see all of the data since the form’s creation, use the current date. Then click the gray “Export” button to download the spreadsheet!

Once you have the spreadsheet for the time period you want, go to the column labeled “Fundraiser Recipient ID” (the supporter form’s name). Sort this column of form names alphabetically to quickly find the donors who gave to you on a specific supporter form in your defined time period!

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