What are community forms?

There are two types of ActBlue contribution forms: managed forms and community forms. If you are an admin for an entity that uses ActBlue, the forms you create are managed forms. Admins can find their managed forms in the “Contribution Forms” tab of their Dashboard. Community forms are created by non-admins. They are a great way for grassroots supporters to organize their family and friends and fundraise on behalf of their favorite campaigns and organizations that use ActBlue. We explain to supporters how they can create community forms and begin fundraising here

Admins can help their supporters get started with a community form that is preset with the branding and content of their campaign or organization. Right in your form editor, you can access a shareable link that leads supporters to a landing page where they can create a form that uses your preset branding and content. You can find out how to make community forms easier for your grassroots fundraisers through presets here.


If you are an admin for an entity listed on a community form, go to the "Contribution Forms" tab in your Dashboard. At the top of the page, you’ll notice a “Managed Forms” tab and a “Community Forms” tab. Just toggle between the two tabs to see a list of your team’s managed forms or community forms.

In the “Community Forms” tab, you can click on the name of a community form to view it.

As an admin, you can’t edit community forms or view their Statistics pages, but you do have access to the donor data for all community forms supporters make to fundraise for you. To access data from community forms, head back to the “Contribution Forms” tab of your Dashboard and click on the “Community Forms” tab. 

First find the date the community form was created on in your Community Forms tab.

Then go to the "Reporting" tab in your Dashboard.

Then click on the “Downloads” tab of your Reporting center.

With the "Contributions over a specified time period" report, you can download a custom CSV that will list the donor data for all of your contributions, including community form contributions. Simply use the date the community form was created on for your report's “Start Date,” and pick the “End Date” you're interested in (if you want to see all of the data since the form's creation, use the current date). Then click the gray "CSV" button to download the spreadsheet!

Once you have the CSV for the time period you want, open it and go to the column labeled "Fundraiser Recipient ID" (which is the community form’s name). Sort this column of form names alphabetically so you can easily find the donors who have given to you on a specific community form in your defined time period! If you need assistance at any point, reach out to us at support@actblue.com.

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