Contribution Alerts

If you’d like to know when your campaign or organization receives a donation over a certain amount, you can set up an alert here. Just click “set up a contribution alert” underneath your email address and enter the threshold for receiving an alert. You’ll receive the alert for any donation larger than that amount. This is for your entire entity or organization, rather than a specific contribution form.

Although it might be tempting to hear from us every time you receive a donation, we recommend choosing a relatively high number so you won’t be inundated with emails.

You can also set up contribution alerts for a specific contribution form. You’ll see an Email Alerts tab in the menu on the left side of your form once you’ve clicked the Edit button.

You should click on “new contribution form alert” where you’ll see a pop-up prompt to choose an email from your users.


You can also choose to set up alerts for refunds, that way if someone from our team refunds a donor you’ll receive an email.

We’ve also added a “Manage Email Alerts” tab under the “My Account” drop-down menu on the homepage. If you’re set up for alerts on more than one email, you can visit that page to keep track of everything.

You can also set up contribution alerts for people who aren’t administrators on your candidate or organization’s ActBlue account. This is a fun way to keep family members and friends involved, even if they don’t need to create forms or access the back-end of your account.

It’s also a great way to share fundraising progress with anyone who might be hosting a party for your candidate or helping out with your organization’s big fundraiser.

You can turn this feature on for specific contribution forms or for your entire campaign or organization. To turn it on for a specific contribution form, navigate to the Email Alerts tab of the form and click “new contribution form alert.” Then click to subscribe a third-party ActBlue user to your alerts and fill in the threshold as usual.

The process for signing someone up for a campaign or organization’s alerts is the same, but you can set them up by navigating to the User Access tab of your Dashboard.

If someone has not created an ActBlue account, they’ll get an email asking them to create a password. Either way, they’ll get a confirmation email letting them know they’ve been signed up.