Default Settings for Contribution Forms

Default contribution forms allow you to keep your settings consistent across all of your contribution forms.

You’ll find your team’s default form at the top of your contribution list in the Form Management page of your Dashboard. We provide every group using ActBlue with a default contribution form automatically.

When you update your default contribution form, those updates will be applied to every contribution form that you’ve chosen to have those default settings.


To use your default form, just open it up and apply all the settings you want to use, like a branding or preset contribution amounts.

Once you’ve made all your edits to the default form and published them, you can then go through your list of contribution forms and check off “Use defaults” for the forms you want to have your default settings.

You’ll see a pop-up asking if you’re sure you want to apply default settings to the form, since changes cannot be undone. But don’t be alarmed!

That’s because the default settings will override all of your form’s previous settings except for Page Name, Author, Contribution blurb, and url. That means if you leave something like the thank you text blank on your default form, none of the forms with default settings will have thank you text. So, be thoughtful in making your selections.

You’ll still be able to run an A/B test or set a goal.

And remember you can always choose to uncheck the “Use defaults” box for a form and make customizations separate from your default settings.


If you visit the Edit tab of contribution forms with default settings, you’ll see the following: