Are contributions made through ActBlue PAC contributions? (Hint: No!)

Under the law, contributions made through ActBlue are not considered PAC donations. While ActBlue is organized as a political committee, we act as a conduit for individual contributions made through our platform — we do not make contributions ourselves. We process and send grassroots donations to the campaigns and organizations that use our fundraising platform. 

Want to check this out for yourself?  As required by federal law, we itemize (that means list the donor name and information for) every single federal donation that comes through our platform to the Federal Election Commission, including donations under $200. It’s easy to look up these federal donations made through ActBlue and see how the process works. First, go to the ActBlue committee overview on the Federal Election Commission’s website. On the “Financial summary” page, click the link for “Itemized individual contributions” (the underlined dollar amount on the right).

This will bring you to a page of individual receipts. The “Recipient” column will list ActBlue because of our conduit structure. To see which campaign or organization each grassroots contribution made on ActBlue is going to, select the gray arrow to the right of the individual dollar amount.

In the window that opens on the right side of your screen, the campaign or organization will be listed under “Contribution information.”

You can use the “Edit filters” menu on the left side of the Receipts page to search for your contributions using your name or other information. 

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