Do you run ads?

No, ActBlue does not run ads on behalf of any campaign or organization. Campaigns and organizations pay to run ads on third-party ad services such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook. Groups can create ads that go to their ActBlue contribution forms when clicked (which is why the ad may show “” at the bottom), but ActBlue is not responsible for and does not pay for these ads. When spotting ads from campaigns and organizations, you can often see who pays for which ads by looking for a “Paid for” disclaimer under the ad.

You can also see who pays to run these ads by checking the third-party ad service’s ad center. For example, you can look up who pays for which ads using Facebook’s Ad Library and Twitter’s Ad Transparency Center. For Facebook ads, you can find the group paying for an ad next to the “Sponsored” disclaimer at the top. A Twitter ad will have a “Promoted” disclaimer at the bottom.


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