Does ActBlue share my personal information, including email address and phone number?

Campaigns and organizations need to report your contribution to the Federal Election Commission or appropriate regulatory body, so we pass along your name, address, employer, and any other required information to the group you donated to. As required by federal law, ActBlue also reports and itemizes (that means list the donor name and information for) every single federal donation that comes through our platform to the FEC, including donations under $200.

We also pass along your email address, as well as your phone number if you choose to provide it, to the group you gave to — and no one else — so they can stay in touch. Providing a phone number when donating is always optional. We never sell your personal information or share it with a group you did not donate to.

Groups using our grassroots platform are working to build people-powered campaigns, and the way they do that is by keeping in contact and engaging with supporters like you! If you want to stop receiving emails from a specific group, you can usually find an “Unsubscribe” link at the end of most emails that should take you off that specific email list. If you want to stop receiving text messages, reply STOP to the texts.

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