How is ActBlue funded?

We’re a nonprofit organization, so we rely mainly on tips on the contributions we process. We also run our own fundraising campaign to bring in income for our tech team. Those emails are clearly branded as coming from ActBlue and not a candidate. All money raised through our own fundraising program goes straight to helping improve and grow our tools to make sure candidates and organizations on the left have the most powerful technology at their fingertips. 

The low fees groups on ActBlue pay on contributions only go toward credit card processing fees. In other words, we are powered entirely by our amazing donors!

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Is ActBlue run by The Democratic Party or affiliated with any organizations?

ActBlue is not run by the official Democratic Party or any other organization. We are a mission-based organization, which is why only Democrats (not Republicans) can use our tools…

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How do I know my money is going to the candidate or organization I donated to?

Campaigns and organizations use ActBlue as their online fundraising platform. Your entire donation goes directly to the group(s) you specify on a contribution form, except for a 3.95% credit…

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What are ActBlue tips for?

We’re a nonprofit, and we can only keep our tools up and running with the support of small-dollar donors like you. We give you the option to leave a…

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How does ActBlue work?

ActBlue is a nonprofit tech organization that builds digital fundraising tools for Democratic candidates and committees, progressive organizations, and other nonprofits. These groups use ActBlue’s fundraising platform to create…

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How much does it cost campaigns and organizations to use your tools?

We want as many groups on the left to be able to use our tools as possible, which is why there is no cost to use our platform (we’re…

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Why is ActBlue a nonprofit?

We’re a nonprofit for a few different reasons! First, we are a mission-driven organization. We care about helping Democrats and progressives build winning campaigns fueled by small-dollar donors, so…