I donated to a charity through a secure.actblue.com link. Where does that money go?

AB Charities is the 501(c)(3) arm of the ActBlue family of organizations. Nonprofits use AB Charities to raise money online from grassroots supporters like you! When you give on an AB Charities contribution form on secure.actblue.com, your money goes straight to the group(s) listed on the form! Our contribution forms always list the groups they benefit so you will know where your money is going:

We pass along a 3.95% processing fee for each contribution to the groups using our platform, but the fee is set to cover those costs and nothing more. This fee is lower than many other charitable donation platforms, and there are no other charges or hidden contracts for groups who use AB Charities — we’re a nonprofit! None of the processing fee goes to ActBlue.

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