What are ActBlue tips for?

We’re a nonprofit, and we can only keep our tools up and running with the support of small-dollar donors like you. We give you the option to leave a tip for us on your contributions so you can support our platform and fuel our work. Thousands of groups rely on our fundraising tools, which they use at no charge (except for a 3.95% credit card processing fee). ActBlue doesn’t keep any portion of the millions of contributions we process!

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Why is ActBlue a nonprofit?

We’re a nonprofit for a few different reasons! First, we are a mission-driven organization. We care about helping Democrats and progressives build winning campaigns fueled by small-dollar donors, so…

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How is ActBlue funded?

We’re a nonprofit organization, so we rely mainly on tips on the contributions we process. We also run our own fundraising campaign to bring in income for our tech…

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I don’t remember adding a tip to my contribution

If you have an ActBlue Express account, we suggest checking your tip setting in your Donor Profile. Just log in to your ActBlue Express account here. Navigate to the…