What are ActBlue tips for?

We’re a nonprofit, and we can only keep our tools up and running with the support of small-dollar donors like you. We give you the option to leave a tip for us on your contributions so you can support our platform and fuel our work. 

Thousands of campaigns and organizations rely on our fundraising tools, which they use for no charge. We pass along a 3.95% processing fee on contributions to the groups using our platform. ActBlue does not make money off of donations. Completing a contribution involves costs related to processing your credit card. We’re legally required to pass along processing costs to the campaign so that we do not make in-kind contributions to them.

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Why is ActBlue a nonprofit?

We’re a nonprofit for a few different reasons! First, we are a mission-driven organization. ActBlue’s mission is to build tech and infrastructure for Democratic campaigns, progressive-aligned causes, and people…

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How is ActBlue funded?

We’re a nonprofit organization, so we rely mainly on tips on the contributions we process. The low fees groups on ActBlue pay on contributions only go toward processing contributions….

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I don’t remember adding a tip to my contribution

ActBlue is a nonprofit that is powered by small-dollar donors like you, and each time you give through our platform, you can choose if you’d like to tip us….