Why do candidates and organizations use your platform?

Thousands of groups on the left use our platform to securely receive and process online grassroots contributions because we’re laser-focused on building the best fundraising tools for small-dollar donors and the campaigns and organizations they support.

  • As a nonprofit, our only mission is to help small-dollar donors make their voices heard by easily giving to the groups they care about. That’s why we have dedicated support teams for donors and the groups that use our platform, as well as free digital fundraising trainings.
  • While political campaigns are often only staffed for a few months out of the year, we work year-round and are constantly learning from and improving our tools. This means Democrats up and down the ballot have access to the very best technology (like ActBlue Express, Apple Pay, and Google Pay™) and don’t have to worry about spending time and money building their own software.
  • Money raised on ActBlue goes directly to the candidate or organization for them to use as they see fit. This is different from money raised by super PACs, which legally cannot coordinate how they spend their money with a campaign.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

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