Getting To Know Your ActBlue Express Account

In this article:
1. Creating and logging into your account
2. Navigating your account
3. Viewing your contribution history
4. Updating your personal information
5. Updating your payment information
6. Changing your password
7. Fundraising for your favorite groups
8. Using your account on a mobile device

Supporters like you can create an ActBlue Express account to make giving to your favorite candidates and causes on ActBlue even easier! By saving your personal and payment information to your ActBlue Express account, you don’t have to fill out contribution forms each time you donate, and you can see your contribution history in one easy-to-find location. And it’s easy to find and update important information in your ActBlue Express account, so you’re always ready to give with a single tap. Here’s a guide to help you navigate and make the most of your account!

Creating and Logging Into Your Account

Don’t have an ActBlue Express account yet? The easiest time to create an account is right after you donate. Just create a password, and we'll save your credit card and/or PayPal information. Otherwise, you can sign up for an ActBlue Express account by going to Save your personal information like your name, address, and employer information and add your preferred payment method, and then you’re all set to donate with just a tap!

You can always log in by heading to and clicking the “Sign in” button in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. If you created your ActBlue account using a Gmail or Gmail-affiliated email address, you can sign in without entering your password – just click “Sign in with Google” and select the Google account associated with your ActBlue login in the pop-up!

When you log in, you’ll see your contribution history, which lists all donations you made using your account.

No matter where you are when you are logged in on ActBlue, such as the Directory, you can quickly access your account’s hub for finding donation information and changing your account settings by clicking on the “My ActBlue Express” button at the top right corner.

You’ll be brought to your contribution history, the same page you immediately land on after first logging into your account!

At the top is your navigation bar, which is your go-to place for easily accessing your contribution history, finding your account information, and getting help from our support site!

You’ll find two options in the navigation bar:

  • "Contributions" button: Where you can find all information about one-time and recurring donations you’ve made with your account! This is where your contribution history and list of active and cancelled recurring contributions live.
  • Account menu: Where you can add and update important personal and payment information, change your password, review activity on your account, find tools for fundraising on behalf of your favorite groups on ActBlue, and sign out.

Viewing Your Contribution History

You can view information about all donations you’ve made using your ActBlue Express account by clicking the “Contributions” button from the navigation bar at the top. (Donors who haven’t saved their personal information in their ActBlue Express account won't be able to view their contribution history.) On the left, you will see a side menu where you can click the History tab to view your complete contribution history. Click the Recurring tab to view a list of active and inactive recurring contributions. Lastly, you can click the All-time Summary tab to view the total amount you have contributed to groups through ActBlue, as well as a list of all of your contributions organized by the groups you’ve given to.

When you click the History tab to view your contribution history, you will see the following information for each individual donation you’ve made:

  • The donation amount
  • The group you gave to
  • The date you gave
  • Payment method
  • Whether it was a tax-deductible charitable donation

At the top of the History page, you can change the timeframe for the donations shown by clicking on the dropdown and choosing what dates you would like to see contributions from. You can either pick one of the options in the dropdown menu or manually select a custom timespan on the calendar. 

Next to each donation, you will see the option to resend yourself the email receipt. The receipt will be resent to the email address you used when you made that contribution. If you need this receipt sent to an email that is different than the one you used when donating, contact us at, and we can manually send a copy of the receipt to the email address you want.

If the form you previously gave on still exists, you’ll also see an option to donate again via that same form next to the donation on your History page!

At the bottom of your contribution history, you can download your contribution history as a CSV file!

Click on the Recurring tab in the side menu to see a list of all recurring contributions you’ve made with this account. You can find recurring contributions that are still active at the top under “Active,” with a green border around each active donation. Completed or cancelled recurring contributions can be found at the bottom under “Inactive.”

Click on each active recurring contribution to see more information about the donation, email the contribution receipt to yourself again, and change or cancel that recurring donation. Find out how to update or cancel your recurring donation here.

Lastly, you can view a helpful summary and overview of all donations you’ve made using your account by clicking on  the All-time Summary tab in the side menu. You’ll see the total amount you have contributed to groups through ActBlue and a list of all of your contributions organized by group.

Updating Your Personal Information

You can update the contact information, employer information, and preferences for tipping ActBlue in your ActBlue Express account. It’s important you keep this information saved to your account up to date, because when you donate with your ActBlue Express account, this information will automatically fill in! You can save and update this personal information by clicking the Account menu and selecting “ActBlue Express Profile” from the dropdown.

In your ActBlue Express Profile, you’ll find options to update the following information:

  • Contact Info: Where you can update your name, email, phone (optional for donating), and address. This is the information that will be used when you donate and receive email receipts, so make sure it’s up to date!
  • Employment: Where you can update your employer and employer’s address, which is information required by campaign finance law. Most contributions require your name, address, occupation, and employer, but the laws in some states require your employer’s address as well. You have the option to update and save your employer without adding your employer’s address.
  • Tip: Lastly, ActBlue is a nonprofit that is powered by small-dollar donors like you. You can choose if you’d like to tip us each time you give using your ActBlue Express account and define how much to tip.

Updating Your Payment Information

You can easily add and update payment methods saved to your ActBlue Express account. You can either click the Payment Methods tab from the Account side menu or choose “Payment Methods” from the Account menu in the navigation bar.

This is where you can make any changes to your payment methods. You can add multiple credit cards and/or a PayPal account to your account, and choose to make one payment method your primary one used by default when donating! Please note that you cannot save your Apple Pay to your ActBlue Express account, but if you have Apple Pay set up on your device, you can use it to donate on all ActBlue forms.

Changing Your Password

To change the password for your ActBlue account, click on the Account menu and choose “Settings” from the dropdown. 

On the Settings page, click “Change password.” 

This will bring up a pop-up which will ask you to enter your current password and the new password you would like to change it to. Make sure to use at least 8 characters, including one number and one letter. 

Fundraising For Your Favorite Groups

You can fundraise for your favorite groups on ActBlue and easily access any contribution forms you make! Click on the Account menu and choose “Fundraising” from the dropdown. You’ll be brought to a hub for your fundraising where you can begin fundraising with community forms and find a list of community forms and supporter forms you’ve made. Find out more about raising money for candidates and causes you love here.

Using Your Account On A Mobile Device

You can access your contribution information and account settings just as easily on your mobile device. Sign in at like you would on desktop by tapping the “Sign in” button at the top right.

You’ll be brought to your contribution history, just like you would after logging in on desktop. At the bottom of your screen, you will see the “Contributions” button and Account menu in the navigation bar. This navigation bar at the bottom of your screen is your go-to place to find information about your personal contributions and account settings when you are logged into your ActBlue Express account on mobile.

Tap on “Contributions” to view your contribution history, a list of recurring contributions you’ve made, and an all-time summary of donations you’ve given. Tap on “Account” to view a menu of account settings you can update, such as contact information, saved payment methods, and your password. You can also access your personal fundraising pages here.



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