How do I view my contribution history?

Create an ActBlue Express account, or log in if you already have one

Donors who haven’t saved their personal information in their ActBlue Express account can’t view their contribution history.

Select “History” from the left navigation bar to view your past contributions. 

You can see the following information for each of your donations:

  • The donation amount
  • The group you gave to
  • The date you gave
  • Payment method
  • Whether it was a charitable 501(c)(3) donation

You can change the timeframe for the donations shown by clicking on the dropdown and choosing a date range. Pick an option in the dropdown menu or select a custom timespan on the calendar.

Click the “Filter” button to filter by recipient, charitable 501(c)(3) donations, or recurring donations.

Use the dropdown menu on the right for different sorting options. 

Next to each donation is a link to resend yourself the email receipt. The receipt will go to the email address you used when donating. If you need this receipt sent to a different email, contact us, and we’ll send it to the email address you want.

There is also an option to donate again to that same group.

A screenshot of the Contributions History page with arrows pointing to the Donate again and Email receipt options to the right of a listed contribution.

At the bottom of the History page, you can download your contribution history as a CSV file by clicking the “Download a CSV” button.

A screenshot of the Contribution History page with an arrow pointing to the Download a CSV button.

Select “Insights” from the left navigation bar to view your all-time giving history, starting with how much you have donated through ActBlue and a list of all contributions organized by recipients.

A screenshot of the Insights page showing how much a user has donated through ActBlue and a list of all contributions organized by recipients.

Our Customer Service Team is here to help. Contact us with any questions about using ActBlue.

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