What does the browser, device, IP address, and recent activity information in my account settings refer to?

Security is our number one priority at ActBlue! It is best practice to make account activity information like this available to individual users so you can easily monitor your account for suspicious activity.

An internet browser is the software application you use to access websites. Browser examples include Safari, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. You use a device like a smartphone, tablet, or computer to open a browser and go online. Common device types include Windows, Mac, and Android. If you see “iOS” listed, that refers to an iPhone or iPad. 

An IP address is the identification number for a device on the internet. They are typically based on a physical location. Any time you go anywhere on the internet, like a website or email provider, you are requesting information from the internet. In order to show you the website or email, the internet needs your IP address! This means all websites can see the IP addresses of users, including secure.actblue.com. If you type “what is my IP” in a Google search, Google will show you the IP address of the computer or device you searched from.

The recent activity list for your account shows you all of the recent security-related activity on your account, such as logging in or changing your password.

It is important to note that ActBlue never shares or sells your account security or activity information. We provide it for you in your account to help you keep your account secure. 

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