Can I donate by check?

ActBlue is a fundraising platform that processes online donations for Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and nonprofits. That means we’re not able to accept or process grants or physical checks on behalf of any of the groups that use our platform! 

Any checks we receive which are made out to “ActBlue”, but are designated for a campaign or organization, will be returned to the donor by mail. If you’d like to send a check to a specific candidate, committee, or organization, you’ll need to send it to them directly, not to ActBlue. When writing a check, include the name of the campaign or organization, not ActBlue, on the “Pay to the order of” line. 

If you’re looking for a group’s address, we recommend checking the bottom of the group’s website. Many campaigns and organizations include their name and mailing address in the footer of their site. 

Some groups also include their mailing address in a “Contact us” page on their website: 

If you have questions about donating by check, you will need to reach out to the group directly, not ActBlue. Contact emails for campaigns and organizations can also often be found in the footer of websites and/or on “Contact Us” pages. If you need help finding a group’s contact information, feel free to reach out to us at, and we’ll be happy to help! 

It’s helpful to keep in mind that when campaigns and organizations receive a bunch of individual checks, they have to devote time and labor to deposit and correctly report them. So it might take a few weeks for your contribution to be reflected in your bank account! 

With ActBlue, we send campaigns and organizations their online donations as fast as possible and offer many groups direct wire transfers. This means campaigns and organizations can focus on organizing rather than depositing individual checks mailed in from lots of donors. We’re dedicated to making grassroots fundraising as easy as possible for campaigns and organizations!